The Royal Wedding Gets A Bad Lip Reading Befitting Of Royalty

The Royal Wedding was a royal wedding, to be sure. This one just took place in 2018, and featured different people than in other royal weddings. This time, it was Prince Harry and Meghan Markle becoming one under the watchful eye of the Archbishop of Canterbury, as well as his grandmother, the sadly corgi-less Queen Elizabeth II.

Still, the world was enthralled with this publicly private ceremony, with tens of millions tuning-into the quiet happenings at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. There was much muttering under royal breath, and it was a scenario ripe for a Bad Lip Reading. A royal Bad Lip Reading. It is “brilliant,” as they would say over the pond.

Watch as Harry’s older, and currently more prestigious brother, Prince William, becomes concerned over his brother’s impressive tally of giraffe kills. Raise your eyebrows at both Harry and Meghan’s picks for their favorite Harry Potter characters. (Is she even allowed to choose someone other than what Prince Harry chooses?) It’s all quite funny, and informative.

Oh, fun fact: The royal family didn’t have last names until 1917, when King George V made it known that his family’s last name would be Windsor. People still don’t use it though.