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The 20 Best Games Of 2013: The Finale

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Our list of the best games of the past year reaches it's conclusion...


‘Saints Row IV’ Will Be Taking On The Christmas Saving Duties This Year

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Get out of the way Rudolph, Saints Row IV is saving Christmas this year...

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GammaSquad’s 50 Greatest Console Games Of The Past Generation (#30 – 21)

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We hit the middle of our big list of the best games of this past console generation...

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‘Saints Row IV’ Stays Classy With New ‘Enter The Dominatrix’ DLC

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The first DLC pack for 'Saints Row IV' is "Enter The Dominatrix." But we're a lot more excited for the second one.

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‘Saints Row IV’ Is A Lot Smarter Than It Looks

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The term "postmodern" gets thrown around a lot by people as a catch-all term for "whatever the hell I want it to be", but it does have a few specific ideas tied to it.

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Three Major Games Hit This Week. Which Should You Buy?

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August 20th is the first busy week of gaming in a while. We look at the three major titles arriving this week.

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5 Games You Want Coming Out This Week (August 18h – 24th)

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It's the first "too many damn good games" week of 2013!

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‘And Introducing Keith David As Keith David': The New, Best ‘Saints Row IV’ Trailer

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The red band E3 trailer for 'Saints Row IV' parodies overdramatic movie trailers and introduces the Vice President of The United States: Keith David.

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PAX East: ‘Saints Row IV’ Kills With Dubstep And Inflato-Rays


The goofy Saints Row franchise gets goofier still with Saints Row IV

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'Saints Row IV' Hitting Consoles This August, And You Have Superpowers

By | 6 Comments

'Saints Row IV' looks suspiciously like 'Saints Row III'. But hey! Superpowers!

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