Scarface Wonders “Who Stole The Soul” Of Hip-Hop, Compares It To A “Drive-Thru”

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Scarface started a huge, but necessary discussion across the web recently, including in our comments section on Saturday.


Is Scarface Wrong For Believing Black Culture Is Being Driven Out Of Hip-Hop?

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Ask the oldest of old heads and they'll tell you someone like Chuck Berry or Fats Domino created Rock & Roll.


Roosh Willams Ft. Scarface – “Bets On Me”


Roosh Williams is a lesser-known talent on the verge of big things.


Back In The Day: 20 Reminiscent Rap Songs

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David D. on the 1s & 2s Sure, every rapper speaks on their past occasionally.


Manny from Scarface got a DUI

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I didn't know how else to write this headline, but I don''t want to shame every struggling actor who screws up.

The Game

Game Feat. Scarface And Kendrick Lamar – “Murder”

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You know what Game's compilation album Jesus Piece needed more of.

unnecessary remakes

In the upcoming remake, Scarface is Mexican now

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Brian DePalma's 1982 version of Scarface was a remake of the 1932 Howard Hawks film, updating the original Italian gangster based on Al Capone to a Cuban drug lord in Miami, to properly reflect the specific ethnic menaces of their respective times.




Steven Spielberg's much-anticipated Lincoln gets a Scarface parody.


Lincoln Parody: Lincoln + Scarface = Beardface

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Don't take this as invitation to send me every dumb mash-up you see (let's face it, at least 95% of them are terrible), but I thought this Lincoln parody was pretty good.


DJ Khaled Feat. Scarface, Nas & DJ Premier – “Hip Hop” (Prod. By Justice League)

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Scarface and Nas, in many circles, are considered the greatest to ever do this thing we call Hip Hop.


“We Probably Done It All Homie Believe Me…”

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One of the hardest things for an artist to do nowadays is making his/her single an the pillar of quality the album.

Sway In The Morning

Don Trip Feat. Scarface & Cee-Lo – “Letter To My Son” (Remix)

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If you told Don Trip growing up he'd have a record with both Scarface and Cee-Lo Green, he probably wouldn't have believed it.

The Black Mamba EP

Loosies: Marcus Manchild, DJ Naim & Doughbeezy Host The 2012 Trill Awards With Scarface, Bun B & More

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While he's already building quite the rep for himself with his unabashed point of view, Marcus Manchild has decided to up the ante on his buzz by looking to a couple of well versed O.


Slim Thug Feat. MUG & Scarface – “Chase”


Thugga's been my dude since around 2004, but I'd be lying if I said this post wasn't written specifically because of the Scarface feature.


Universal making a new Scarface that’s ‘not a sequel or a remake’

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It's no surprise that someone would want to remake Scarface, given that Scarface was already a remake, and assuming what Oliver Stone says about Scarface is true.

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