Roosh Willams Ft. Scarface – “Bets On Me”


Roosh Williams is a lesser-known talent on the verge of big things.


Back In The Day: 20 Reminiscent Rap Songs

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<a href=""></a><a href="">David D. on the 1s & 2s</a> Sure, every rapper speaks on their past occasionally.


Manny from Scarface got a DUI

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I didn't know how else to write this headline, but I don''t want to shame every struggling actor who screws up.

the game

Game Feat. Scarface And Kendrick Lamar – “Murder”

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You know what Game's compilation album Jesus Piece needed more of.

unnecessary remakes

In the upcoming remake, Scarface is Mexican now

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Brian DePalma's 1982 version of Scarface was a remake of the 1932 Howard Hawks film, updating the original Italian gangster based on Al Capone to a Cuban drug lord in Miami, to properly reflect the specific ethnic menaces of their respective times.




Steven Spielberg's much-anticipated Lincoln gets a Scarface parody.


Lincoln Parody: Lincoln + Scarface = Beardface

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Don't take this as invitation to send me every dumb mash-up you see (let's face it, at least 95% of them are terrible), but I thought this Lincoln parody was pretty good.


DJ Khaled Feat. Scarface, Nas & DJ Premier – “Hip Hop” (Prod. By Justice League)

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Scarface and Nas, in many circles, are considered the greatest to ever do this thing we call Hip Hop.


“We Probably Done It All Homie Believe Me…”

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One of the hardest things for an artist to do nowadays is making his/her single an the pillar of quality the album.

Sway In The Morning

Don Trip Feat. Scarface & Cee-Lo – “Letter To My Son” (Remix)

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If you told <a href="">Don Trip</a> growing up he'd have a record with both <a href="">Scarface</a> and Cee-Lo Green, he probably wouldn't have believed it.

The Black Mamba EP

Loosies: Marcus Manchild, DJ Naim & Doughbeezy Host The 2012 Trill Awards With Scarface, Bun B & More

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While he's already building <a href="">quite the rep for himself</a> with his unabashed point of view, Marcus Manchild has decided to up the ante on his buzz by looking to a couple of well versed O.


Slim Thug Feat. MUG & Scarface – “Chase”


Thugga's been my dude since around 2004, but I'd be lying if I said this post wasn't written specifically because of the Scarface feature.


Universal making a new Scarface that’s ‘not a sequel or a remake’

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It's no surprise that someone would want to remake Scarface, given that Scarface was already a remake, and assuming what <a href="" target="_blank">Oliver Stone says about Scarface</a> is true.


DMX Performs Live In Dallas, Brings Scarface On Stage In Houston

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Fresh out of jail on bail, <a href="">DMX</a> is doing a Texas takeover and here's footage of him performing his verse from "Touch It" and then "Get It On The Floor" at Dallas' House Of Blues.

The Police Blotter

Guess Who’s Back: Scarface Finally Released From Jail

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After spending nearly a year in prison, <a href="">Mister Mister Scarface</a> finally finds himself on the right side of the razor-wire fences.

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