Commercial Breakdown: The ‘Fast & Furious 6′ Super Bowl Ad

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A in-depth breakdown of the first commercial for 'Fast & Furious 6.' All explosions everything.


Scene Breakdown: Stone Cold

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  NSFW Language  The plot description in the Wikipedia entry for Stone Cold begins with this sentence: Brian Bosworth stars as Joe Huff, a tough Alabama cop who is frustrated with a system that handles criminals with kid gloves.


Scene Breakdown: Cool As Ice

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The early 90s were a weird time.


Scene Breakdown: 1st Trailer for Twilight: Breaking Dawn

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Breaking Dawn (aka Snorkels the Vampire Fetus) is famously Stephenie Meyer's most batsh*t book (which is saying something).

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Scene Breakdown: Airborne

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Airborne is very likely the most 1990s movie ever made.


Scene Breakdown: Cobra

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Up until recently, I had not seen the Sylvester Stallone film Cobra in its entirely.


Scene Breakdown: The Sandlot

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The Sandlot is probably my favorite movie.

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Scene Breakdown: The Rock

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Last time I filled in for Vince, I did a post where I spent way, way (WAY) too much time dissecting the basketball scene from the cinematic classic 3 Ninjas.

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