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What’s On Tonight: Schmidt Goes Swami On ‘New Girl’

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Looks like tonight's 'New Girl,' will be Indian themed, plus 'Justified' and the rest of tonight's television highlights.

Best Of #

The Best Of ‘New Girl’s’ #Schmidt

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here's a tribute to America's new favorite lovable douchebag. I'd be lying if I said these GIFs and quotes don't help his case.

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'New Girl's' Schmidt Wants Daenerys to Whisper Sweet Gibberish in His Ear

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In a an article yesterday over on Variety, "New Girl's" man-slut Schmidt (played by Max Greenfield), apparently over his relationship with CeCe, began courting three television favorites: "Game of Thrones" Daenerys Targaryen, "Homeland's" Carrie, and Mrs.


‘New Girl’s’ Schmidt Douches It Up In a New Workout Video


How did Fat Schmidt become the super-fit douchebag -- and the <a href="">TV season's best new character</a> -- that we know and love on "New Girl".


Celebrating the Best New TV Character of the Season with Schmidt’s 25 Douchiest GIFs

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It's not been a terrifically great season for new shows, in either the drama or the comedy category.

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Television’s Biggest Douchebags in 2011

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"Douchebag" has come a long way since the 1960s when its meaning was spun-off from vaginal cleaning contraption into the most commonly used pejorative in the English language.


Schmidt Will Have to Put his Life Savings in the Douchebag Jar Now

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"New Girl" is one of those shows built around a big star, in this case Zooey Deschanel, where the big star is actually the least enjoyable character of the ensemble, although she's not quite as useless as Winston.

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