The Best Of ‘New Girl’s’ #Schmidt

Before we get started here let me just say that New Girl is the Li’l Sebastian to my Ben Wyatt. I don’t dislike it or anything, I just simply do not get the over-the-top adoration for the show. I mean, it’s an above average sitcom with OK writing that rarely gets ambitious. What am I missing? This sentiment goes double for Max Greenfield’s Schmidt. I almost never tuned in again after the pilot because I found him borderline unbearable, yet the character is apparently this generation’s GOB Bluth.

Now, admittedly, during the first season New Girl found its groove and hit a pretty enjoyable span of episodes — they knew what they were doing with that Lizzy-Caplan-in-form-fitting-tops arc — but I’m still not quite there. But it’s back this week and I’ll be watching and if I’m capable of anything it’s giving the people what they want. So here’s a tribute to America’s new favorite lovable douchebag.

I’d be lying if I said these GIFs and quotes don’t help his case.