Celebrating the Best New TV Character of the Season with Schmidt’s 25 Douchiest GIFs

It’s not been a terrifically great season for new shows, in either the drama or the comedy category. In fact, on the networks, the only two new shows I am still watching, I believe, are “Awake” and “New Girl.” The latter had a bumpy start, but of late, it’s completely hit its stride, so much so that it’s no longer embarrassing to admit that you love “New Girl.” Very little of the appeal of “New Girl,” however, has to do with the New Girl, herself, Zooey Deschanel. The strength of the show lies within Jake Johnson’s Nick and Max Greenfield’s Schmidt. (Does anyone know his first name?) In fact, Schmidt is the best new character of the television season, a guy who can somehow make douchiness seem sleazily charming. He’s fantastic.

To honor Schmidt’s status, here are Schmidt’s 25 Douchiest GIFs.