scorpions on a plane

A Flight Was Delayed In LA Because A Stowaway Scorpion Stung A Passenger


"It was not clear how the scorpion got on the plane." It didn't even have a boarding pass.


Corey Taylor’s Cover Of ‘Rainbow In The Dark’ Leads The Amazing Dio Tribute Album, ‘This Is Your Life’

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Corey Taylor and Metallica provide just a taste of the blistering tracks you'll hear on this Ronnie James Dio tribute album.


Our Latest Weapon Against Brain Cancer: Scorpion Venom

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A creature so dangerous Israelis gave it the nickname 'The Deathstalker' is helping to fight brain cancer. Because even evil has standards.


Glowing Scorpions


Unsuspecting insects drawn to light may be in for a deadly surprise thanks to the scorpion's ability to glow in ultraviolet light.

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