This New York City Pastor Thinks That Starbucks Is Dumping Sodomite Semen Into Their Coffee

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Religious folks ranting against homosexuality is old, but it's another thing when they start messing with everyone's coffee.


A Tenth-Grade Girl Passed Out Cupcakes Filled With Semen To Her Classmates

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Semen cupcakes are the worst thing to happen to cupcakes since the invention of every superior dessert out there.


Behold, The Best And Worst Condom Commercial Ever

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I can't decide if this condom commercial, via Buzzfeed, is the best or worst condom commercial I've ever seen. So I guess that means it's both at the same time.

the today show

Ann Curry Made An Understandable Boo-Boo

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Bill Clinton and Mindy Kaling were on "The Today Show" this morning to talk about holiday books, and during their discussion Ann Curry made one of the more embarrassing slips of the tongue you can imagine.



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In case you haven't already seen enough of Chris Pontius' genitals, and God knows I haven't, you're in luck: According to those "journalists" at Variety, Party Boy will be starring in his very own male stripper movie.

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