The New Amazon Echo Promo Video Already Has A Parody That Makes Fun Of Any Family That Needs An Echo


Well that was fast. It took all of a day for Amazon's new gadget to get brilliantly parodied.


If You Murder Someone, Don’t Ask Siri Where To Hide The Body


Murder is bad. Murder then asking Siri where to hide the body is dumb.


Cortana: Microsoft Introduces Their Answer To Apple’s Siri And Google Now


Microsoft has introduced Cortana, their answer to Google Now and Siri. Does it stand a chance this late in the game?


Alamo Drafthouse And Siri Have Teamed Up To Ruin Your Social Life And Thwart Texting In Movies

If Siri becomes self-aware at some point, we have Alamo Drafthouse to blame for putting stuff like this in her infinitely advanced brain.


Siri Didn’t Like Scarlett Johansson’s Performance In ‘Her’


You may have heard great reviews of 'Her', but there's at least one detractor who didn't appreciate Scarlett Johansson's portrayal of an AI program.


This Is Siri


Meet Susan Bennett, the woman behind the voice of Apple's Siri.


Apple’s Next Step: Home Automation

Apple's next big thing isn't going to be something in your pocket, but rather something in your walls.


Martin Scorsese made an iPhone ad


Martin Scorsese made an iPhone ad, and I don't mean he directed it.


Samuel L. Jackson's 'Other' Siri Commercial Strikes A Quite Familiar Tone

As you may know, Apple recently started running ads starring Samuel L.


Apple Would Like You To Know Celebrities Use Siri Better Than You Do

Not sure if you guys have seen the new iPhone 4S TV ads yet (probably have, you trendy buggers) but they star two internet faves -- Samuel L.


Siri Will Soon Speak Mandarin So The Chinese Can Also Have A Useless iPhone Feature


Good news for all the factory workers who risk going up in flames on a regular basis to supply the Western world with affordable crack Apple products.


Notorious S.I.R.I. Has Timbs For Her Hooligans In Brooklyn

I'm not rocking a 4S (Lenny Kravitz advised I hold out for the 5) so I don't have much personal experience with Siri.

xbox live

Xbox Live Is The New Cable Box

Reports the New York Times: Beginning on Tuesday and continuing through the month, Microsoft will give a face-lift to its Xbox Live online entertainment service that will allow subscribers to watch a wide array of mainstream television programming from the Xbox 360 console.


Siri Will Find You Drugs And Get You Laid, But Won’t Find You An Abortion Clinic


Anyone with an iPhone 4S can tell you that Siri, the voice-activated personal assistant built into the phone, can do some pretty hysterical and amazing things.


Friday Free for All: Furby vs. Siri


I'll be honest, I was hoping for a lot more back-and-forth banter between the iPhone 4S's Siri and the Furby here, but the video made me laugh anyway.


Humpday Mashup Dump

Good morning you princes of Maine, you kings of New England, you stalkers of In the offing for today: Siri for the iPhone 4S gets a voice and intelligence upgrade with Aperture Science's GLaDOSiri.

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