Gobble Up This Behind The Scenes Video From Cookie Monster’s iPhone 6s Ad

Heroin! Orgies! Machete fights! None of these things have anything to do with the video Apple’s trotted out showcasing what happened behind-the-scenes of Cookie Monster’s adorable Siri spot from a few weeks back. Not that it needs it, of course. What it does have is the globe’s favorite furry blue biscuit addict charming viewers so much that they might fall into a bliss coma.

As you may remember from the finished ad, “Timer” features Cookie Monster digging deep and showing supreme willpower and patience as he waits for his cookies to bake. We shared his agony (but, like, in a fun way) as we looked on with non-googly eyes. The snappy follow-up/add-on we have tucked at the top of the screen shows Cookie Monster on set displaying his improv chops, powering through workplace hazards (careful with that slate!) and trying to unlock the mystery of ghost cookies.

Clocking in at a tidy 90 seconds, we get a good chunk of time to hang out with this captivating Muppet who seems to be an asset in the workplace. Heck, this would make a good reel for pitching a Cookie Monster-hosted show on the Food Network. Y’know, provided viewers are okay with a presenter who’s less ridiculous than Guy Fieri.