Slim Thug Feat. MUG & Scarface – “Chase”


Thugga's been my dude since around 2004, but I'd be lying if I said this post wasn't written specifically because of the Scarface feature.

Z Ro

Slim Thug – Houston Mixtape x “Can’t Stop” Video


Well, wouldn't you look who's creeping and crawling, still balling in the mix.

Z Ro

Loosies: The Lox Reunite For The Ladies, Cam’Ron Motivates, Z-Ro, Tinie Tempah & J. Cole

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Of all people, <a href="">Cam'ron</a> knows money is the biggest motivator of all.


TrakkSounds Feat. Freddie Gibbs, M.U.G, Slim Thug, Big B – “Certified G’s”


Aside from getting some top-tier placement, it seems as though the best way for producers these days to spread their name around is by aligning some stars for songs on their own compilation mixtapes.


Blink 182 Keep It Trill In H-Town

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What are you more surprised about.


Slim Thug – “Miss Mary” Video

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<a href=""> Anytime Already Platinum can receive added promotion, you'll hear no complaints from me; even if it is some six years later. <a href="">Slim Thug</a> bypasses shooting another video for The Thug Show and decides to pay homage to his still highly underrated debut album with a video for the love letter to everyone's favorite narcotic, "Miss Mary.


12.9 The Cooler

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<a href=""> Nicky Price Oprah Winfrey Says She and Gayle King are Not Lesbian Lovers <a href="">[GOT]</a> Christina Aguilera Naked Pictures Leak Online.

Ten Toes Down

8Ball & MJG Feat. Slim Thug – “Life Goes On” Video

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<a href=""> Did you forget that Marlon Jermaine Goodwin and The Fat Mack made <a href="">their Grand Hustle debut this year</a>.


Dorrough Feat. Slim Thug – “Handcuffs” Video


<a href=""> Yeah, we see you. You're all comfy with the wife, leisurely allowing her room to live -- until you see a perceivable threat walk by and out comes the bracelets. Dorrough and <a href="">Slim Thugga</a> won't stand for you Captain Save 'Em's out here locking up a lady's free will while swallowing the key.

The Thug Show

Slim Thug Feat. B.o.B. – “So High” Video


<a href=""> Forgive me if this sounds judgemental, but Slim Thug's asserstion that his third official album <a href="">The Thug Show</a> is his "<a href="">best album yet</a>" was certainly met with its fair share of hesistation.

Trill O.G.

Bun B Feat. Slim Thug & Play-N-Skillz – “Ridin’ Slow” Video

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<a href=""> Picture <a href="">Bun B</a> ridin' in a 500 Benz.


Slim Thug – “Murda”

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<a href=""> Rumble, young man, rumble. <a href="">Slim Thugga</a> brings the aggression with "Murda," which is only one verse long but heavy enough to warrant inclusion to a weekend playlist.

#Jay Z

10.11 The Cooler

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Queena Cee-Lo Reveals Hidden Meaning Behind “F*ck You” Video [TUD] The 50 Most Dominant Video Game Athletes Ever [Complex] Bishop Eddie Long Wants You to Love, Live and Lead Like Him [GOT] Slim Thug Speaks On Recent Legal Issues [Sucker Free] Journalists Turn to Selling [...].


Slim Thug Feat. B.o.B. – “So High”

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<a href="">Words by C. Paicely So yeah, it’s another one of those tracks where two guys basically compare notes about their sexual escapades. But, damn it, some cats just do it too well. No disrespect to Slim Thug, but B.o.B steals the show on this one. Following up a nice guest spot over the summer singing the hook on <a href="">Big Boi’s "Night Night,"</a> Bobby Ray seems poised to play the Nate Dogg role for other spitters, with the bonus that he can actually kick some decent rhymes.


6.11 The Cooler

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Eden Black Tweet Dreams: Adrianne Curry's Hottest Twitpics [Complex] Dick Moves By Movie Heroes [Uproxx] Talib Kweli Replies to Slim Thug's Comments on Black Women [The BV Spin] Kim Kardashian Lookin' Beautiful @ 2010 FiFi Awards in NYC [Moe Jackson] Facebook Organized Water Balloon Fight [...].

Z Ro

Slim Thug Feat. Z-Ro – “Gangsta”

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<a href=""> Slim Thug may not be the most politically correct muthaf##ka in the world I have no rebuttal to come to his defense. The man <a href="">said what he said</a>.


The iPod Shuffle – “The Interview”

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<a href=""> During Houston's glorious run back in 2005 no one appeared geared for more sustained success than <a href="">Slim Thug</a>.

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