Slim Thug Gives His Thoughts On Reebok Dropping Rick Ross

04.12.13 5 years ago 25 Comments

And I guess ppl put rape over murder cause ppl can talk about killing n***as all day that’s cool but u put a b**** on Molly. They ain’t care about all the dope he was rapping bout selling when they signed him but now they tripping after all that promo. All I’m saying is its a rap song and he didn’t say he bout to rape a b**** so he shouldn’t have lost a deal over it. Before we know it rappers are not going to be able to curse no mo on their albums cause somebody whose not a rap fan was offended f*** that.
Slim Thug

What are your thoughts on Reebok being ok with lyrics about drug dealing and violence but ending their partnership with Ross over a line about, “Molly.” Keep in mind they have an endorsement deal with Tyga who has a song named, “Molly.”

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