Bad news for Twilight fans

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The bad news for Twilight fans continues today, as scientists have discovered that not only might your cat try to kill you <a href="" target="_blank">for naming it Renesmee</a>, breathing in its feces has been linked to higher rates of suicide.


Update: Junior Seau Is Dead

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According to a continually updating report from <a href="" target="_blank"></a>, former San Diego Chargers linebacker and NFL 1990s All-Decade Team member Junior Seau has been involved in a possible shooting and may be dead.


How Many People Will Commit Suicide Over The New New Facebook Redesign?

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I, like many people, have watched in amusement as people have <a href="">driven themselves to the brink of madness</a> over subtle changes that have been popping up on their Facebook pages over the last day or so.


‘Real Housewives’ Husband Commits Suicide

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I was really trying to avoid this story, because, well, I'm a hell of a lot more comfortable making jokes about <a href="" target="_blank">throwing pies at reality TV stars</a> than I am discussing depression and suicide.


Ladies, No Man Is Worth Doing This Over

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Reports <a href="">the Today Show blog</a>: Dressed in her wedding gown, a college student identified only as Miss Li climbed out on the window ledge of the building in Changchun city in northeast China.



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Jokerswild sent me <a href="" target="_blank">this article</a> about whether Owen Wilson's suicide attempt has affected the The Darjeeling Limited, in which he plays a possibly suicidal character.



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Owen Wilson has pulled out of Tropic Thunder to concentrate on his recovery, reportedly as a result of a mutual decision between he and director Ben Stiller.

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