This Couple Setting Out On A Two-Year Van Trip To Shine A Light On Mental Illness Is Sure To Inspire You

11.17.15 3 years ago 8 Comments

You’ve probably seen some variation of the #vanlife story over the past few years. People living in cars, crossing the globe on a quest for something real.  It’s not a new concept — William Least Heat Moon wrote Blue Highways back in ’78 — but the idea of a road-trip-as-lifestyle-choice has continually evolved and taken on new opportunities for monetization (social media, blogs, etc.).

For those who take the leap, it’s an achievement worth noting. Just last week, we ran a story on a couple and their dog vagabonding across Central America. This week, we bring you professional outdoor photographer John Rathwell, writer Tracy Guenard, and their project Searching For Sero which is currently crowdfunding on IndieGoGo. “Sero” is short for serotonin — the chemical thought to be linked to happiness in the brain — and Rathwell and Guenard are setting off to tell the stories of people finding happiness through outdoor sports.

The project has some pretty lofty ambitions: both John and Tracy lost close family members to suicide and both of them later found solace by getting active in the outdoors.  While on their two year journey they plan on working with mental wellness organizations and outdoor sports communities across Canada and the U.S. — photographing, interviewing, and sharing the stories of people who enrich their happiness through adventure. These stories and photographs (or Sero Stories) will be posted weekly on their website as their travels progress.

We spoke to John and Tracy about the project:

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