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The Makers Of ‘Dying Light’ Have Released A Gross 3D-Printable Zombie Bikini Statue


Want to girl-proof your apartment? The makers of 'Dying Light' have just the 3D-printable solution for you.


‘Hellraid’ Looks A Lot Like Hexen In Its First Trailer


'Hellraid' looks to be the high-fantasy hack-and-slash game of the year. OK, so there's only one of those on the schedule, but it still looks good.

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Dead Island Roundup, Starring Jason Voorhees

Techland has announced the release of The Bloodbath Arena pack later this month.

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Happy Wednesday, Here's The New Dead Island Multiplayer Trailer


Look, I realize that we're barely halfway through this workweek, but I don't think that should stop any of us from partying like it's a Friday.

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About Those Dead Island Movie Rumors (Plus Mashups)

This weekend it was reported all over the place that Sean Daniel, the producer of Mummy and Wolfman, owns the film rights to the "Dead Island" video game (awesome trailer here).

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Dead Island Looks Awesome


Reader Timothy sent over the first video below and it is amazing.

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