Dead Island Looks Awesome

Reader Timothy sent over the first video below and it is amazing. I’m not going to give it away; just watch the damn thing. It reminds me of Carousel in a good way. Dead Island is coming out for Xbox 360, PC, and PS3 some time this year. Here’s the premise:

The player is cast as a guest vacationing at the posh hotel. When the zombie outbreak occurs, he and a handful of other guests remain uninfected. They set out on a mission to escape the island, but along the way, they’ll uncover the secret behind the mysterious outbreak. Although Dead Island is a story-based experience, it’s built for co-operative play, and Deep Silver says up to four gamers can drop in and out of the game seamlessly. But if you don’t want to play with friends, you can also play through the game alone. [IGN]

Now here’s what makes it potentially more awesome than the typical survival horror: they don’t scatter unrealistic weapons and ammo all over this tourist resort; the weapons are items you’d actually find at a fancy hotel (this is also why we recommend always bringing shotguns on vacation, and how we got banned by Greyhound Lines). Also, the weapons wear down with each use until you have to replace them. Another realistic feature is the RPG system built into the game: your traits improve the longer you practice them. And even if the game turns out badly, at least they made a really awesome trailer:

And here’s the video in reverse order, sped up, but it’s not as good as the original. [via Geekologie]