Warner Bros.’ Adapation Of Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ Will Reportedly Be Split Into Four Films

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Josh Boone's film adaptation of Stephen King's classic novel has grown from a 3 hour movie to an epic four-film horror series.

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Stephen King Says That Josh Boone’s ‘The Stand’ Might Be Two Movies

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While the details around the movie adaptation of Stephen King's 'The Stand' are vague, the important thing is that it's still happening.

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Matthew McConaughey Is Rumored To Bring A Little Bit Of Darkness To Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’

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The light might lose a bit of ground if Matthew McConaughey takes this key role in the new adaptation of Stephen King's 'The Stand.'

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The Movie Version Of Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ Will Be R-Rated And 3 Hours Long

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Director Josh Boone claims that the long-awaited R-rated movie version of 'The Stand' will be 3 hours long and have a huge A-list cast.


‘The Stand’ Falls To ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Director, Goes Rated-R

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Josh Boone ('The Fault In Our Stars') will reportedly adapt and direct Stephen King's 'The Stand'. We have so many questions.


Warner Wants Ben Affleck To Direct The Stand, And We Want A Pony

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Back in August, we reported the team behind Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows (director David Yates and screenwriter Steve Kloves) were chosen by Warner Brothers to adapt Stephen King's 1,152-page-long The Stand into a multi-film series.


Ben Affleck to direct Stephen King’s The Stand. Wait, what?

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Last we heard, WB's plan to adapt Stephen King's The Stand was for multiple movies to be directed by Harry Potter's David Yates.

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Deathly Hallows Film Team To Take On Stephen King's The Stand

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Stephen King movies typically fall into two categories: "classic films that everyone should see" and "ridiculously horrible movies that make you wish it was possible to remove the last two hours of your life.

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What Does Stephen King Think of “The Stand” Movie?


Any child of the '80s has fond memories of Stephen King adaptations, which were plentiful during the '80s and early '90s.

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