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Text Back BTB With Craig Robinson’s Most Repeatable Lines

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Craig Robinson has some great lines, but these are the best.

disaster movies

Has Your City Been Destroyed In A Disaster Movie?

By | 44 Comments

Blowing stuff up is fun, which is why we've made this list of the cities Hollywood likes to oft-destroy in movies. Is your city on the list?


We Might Be Seeing The End Of The World Of Warcraft

By | 49 Comments

World of Warcraft still rules the MMO space, but that looks more and more like controlling decks of the Titanic.


MTV Has Announced Its Top 10 Movies Of The Year

By | 28 Comments

MTV announced its list of the best movies of 2013 and it's certainly a mixed bag.


Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD & Blu-ray

By | 14 Comments

It's Tuesday and that means you've had almost two full days to digest the Breaking Bad finale, so now that I've fulfilled my official blogger's obligation to namedrop Breaking Bad at least one time in this post, we can actually move on to the task at hand.


The Summer Of Nerd: How Geeky Movies Did At The Box Office

By | 20 Comments

The summer movie season is almost over, so we look back to see which geeky movies won, and which tanked.


REVIEW: The World’s End

By | 41 Comments

One of the most depressing things about this summer's crop of disappointing blockbusters, other than the movies themselves, was having people act like you're some kind of killjoy, fun-police art snob every time you point out how bad they are.


What Movie Should You See This Fourth Of July? A Nerdy Breakdown

By | 14 Comments

Most of us spend at least a few hours on the Fourth dodging the heat in a movie theater. Here's a look at the best options for nerds.

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Rihanna Hit A Grabby Fan With Her Microphone

By | 7 Comments

After an overzealous fan grabbed her by the arm, Rihanna reached over and hit him on the head with her microphone.


Box Office: Man of Steel breaks record for June openings

By | 16 Comments

Man of Steel (our review here) grossed $113 million for the weekend (plus another $12 million from Thursday night sales), good enough for second best of the year behind Iron Man 3, and setting the record for June releases ahead of Toy Story 3's $110.


Weekend Movie Guide: Man Of Steel? More Like Buns Of Steel

By | 10 Comments

Opening Everywhere: Man of Steel, This is the End, The Bling Ring FilmDrunk Suggests: Vince has reviewed all three of these films – Man of Steel here, This is the End here, The Bling Ring here – because he’s cool and gets to go to previews and whatever.

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Review: This is the End

By | 45 Comments

This is the End is a funny movie, much funnier than I expected, full of honest laughs (like real giggles, not smiles or snorts) and clever meta-fiction, where all the characters play joke versions of themselves, with fictionalization levels ranging from the slightly-heightened reality of Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm to the outrageous against-type of Neil Patrick Harris in Harold and Kumar.


Here Are 10 ‘This Is The End’ GIFs That Further Support The Notion That It Is A Good Movie

By | 7 Comments

In case Michael "What's up, Rihanna?" Cera in the trailer didn't already sell you.


Craig Robinson’s This is the End premiere date assembled her own stripper pole

By | 9 Comments

Even when he's not doing anything, Craig Robinson always seems like he's about to do something awesome, and I'm not just saying that because he nodded at me at a comedy club once.


James Franco’s ‘This Is The End’ Mural Is Not Very Flattering To Jonah Hill

By | 8 Comments

Jonah Hill is a little bummed out about being depicted as a morphine addict from Picasso's blue period

this is the end

Snoop Dogg And Craig Robinson Really, Really Want You To Take Your Panties Off

By | 3 Comments

Craig Robinson and Snoop Dogg made a song called "Take Yo Panties Off" for the "This Is the End" soundtrack.

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Here Are Two More Clips For ‘This Is The End’

By | 8 Comments

Every time that I see a new trailer, clip or TV spot for This is the End, I become quite worried that I’m going to arrive at the theater to see this meta apocalyptic comedy, with my fancy dungarees pressed and an elegant lady of the night on my arm, and it’s going to suck because it’s just one long inside joke between the guys in Seth Rogen’s and James Franco’s little gang.

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This is the End Trailer: Hermione gets pissed, Michael Cera gets impaled

By | 117 Comments

Hot on the heels of their fake trailer for Pineapple Express 2, This is the End released a real, full-length red-band trailer which you can watch below.

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