Let’s Celebrate Seth Rogen’s Best Dick Jokes

Going into a Seth Rogen movie, you can always expect two things: weed references and dick jokes. It’s been a successful formula for Rogen and his writing partner, Evan Goldberg, from day one. Considering that the actor is doing a movie called Sausage Party in 2016, the streak probably won’t end any time soon. Whether he’s the one delivering or writing it, Rogen’s given us some of the best dick jokes over the last decade.

In honor of all those phallic references, and to mark the comedian’s 33rd birthday, let’s look back at some of his best:

1. “Prepare to get f*cked by the long dick of the law.” — Superbad

2. The explanation of the double Dutch rudder. — Zack and Miri Make a Porno

3. Yes, that is a trident of dildos. — The League


4. “Time to suck today’s dick.” — Pineapple Express

5. “The tip of the package is secure.” — The Interview

6. Dr. Seuss’ dick. — The 40-Year-Old Virgin

7. The dildo sword fight with Zac Efron. — Neighbors

8. “Your dick, my mouth.” — Pineapple Express

9. “You just cockblocked McLovin. Okay. He’s our friend. We don’t do that. We should be guiding his cock, not blocking it.” — Superbad

10. Finally, perhaps his greatest dick joke, the dick drawings gag from Superbad.