Three Philadelphia Tourists Running Up The Art Museum Steps Encountered Rocky Balboa Himself

By | 9 Comments

Three tourists running up the iconic 'Rocky' steps never thought they'd run into Sylvester Stallone himself!


This Tourist’s Adventurous Sexual Encounter Ended Up Costing Him Six Figures And Nearly His Life

By | 7 Comments

This tourist decided to sex up a Nevada hot spring with his lady while on holiday. Two hours later, he was in a hospital with a $250K bill.

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This Tourist Got Robbed At Gunpoint In Buenos Aires And His GoPro Caught The Whole Thing

By | 16 Comments

Here's perhaps the most insane video you'll see this year. A tourist in Buenos Aires had his GoPro on as a man tried to rob him.


Urine For A Shower Of Golden News

By | 19 Comments

It seems like only yesterday that I was given a student referral in college for public urination, and for all I know it could have been yesterday because I drink a lot.

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