NBA Trade Report: Wizards Deal Rashard Lewis & Pick To Hornets For Emeka Okafor & Trevor Ariza


Even though the NBA Finals have been simply fantastic, basketball fans still have a lot to look forward to this summer.


Trevor Ariza Gets His Ankles Broken At The Drew League


Ever since Trevor Ariza left the Los Angeles Lakers, he's been nowhere near the NBA Finals.

Trevor Ariza

Daily Fantasy Basketball Diagnosis: 2.22

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Beast of the Night: Dwyane Wade scored 30 points, grabbed four rebounds, dished out 10 assists, stole three balls and blocked two shots last night.


The Lakers Reclaim Their City; Dirk Tries A New Career

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Lob City's a Laker town again, if only for a night in this upside-down season where the Clippers are the supposed juggernaut in town.


Top 10 NBA Dunks On Emeka Okafor

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There's no doubt that Emeka Okafor is one of the best shot blockers in the NBA.

#Chris Paul

NBA Fantasy Team Analysis: The New Orleans Hornets


This team is all about a stud point guard and a bunch of spare parts.


Sans Afro, Kobe Bryant (No. 24) Channels Kobe Bryant (No. 8)

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I could have sworn that was KB8 out there... Also, check after the jump to see Kobe's other ridiculous dunk from last night, this time on Trevor Ariza.

Trevor Ariza

Daily Fantasy Diagnosis: 3.25

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Beast of the Night: Paul Millsap finished with 33 points, 11 rebounds, four assists and three blocks. He shot 65 percent (13-20) from the field, 88 percent (7-8) from the free-throw line and had one turnover.


Daily Fantasy Diagnosis: 2.18

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Beast of the Night: Derrick Rose finished with 42 points, five rebounds, eight assists and a block.

Wilson Chandler

Daily Fantasy Diagnosis: 2.17

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Beast of the Night: Kyle Lowry lit up the Sixers with 36 points, four rebounds, seven assists, one steal and six three-pointers in a losing effort.

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Lakers get back to winning, Cavs keep losing, and Super Bowl picks

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While a slew of buckets from their two All-Stars helped, at the end of the day, it was the Lakers' defense that allowed them to pick up a big road win against the best defensive team in the West and quiet some of that "What's wrong with L.

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Celtics beat L.A. despite Kobe Bryant’s scoring outburst

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Tony Allen, Tom Thibodeau and Big Baby's personal pork chef could have filled in for ABC's announce crew and told you how yesterday's Lakers/Celtics game was going to turn out.


Dime Q&A: Trevor Ariza on the Hornets’ turnaround, and avoiding the wrath of Lil Wayne

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Trevor Ariza is only 25 years old, but in his seven years in the NBA he's been through more experiences than a lot of 35-year-old veterans.


LeBron, D-Wade, Bosh almost beat Bobcats by themselves

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There were a couple of sharks in the water in Charlotte last night, and neither one of them played for the home team.

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