Why Did A US Airways Flight Attendant Refuse To Hang This Military Veteran’s Jacket?

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A military veteran just wanted to keep his jacket from creasing and US Airways wouldn't let him. Here's the disgusting details.


A Philadelphia-Bound Flight Had To Make An Emergency Landing Due To A Pooping Dog

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Last week, a U.S. Airways flight from Los Angeles to Philadelphia had to make an emergency landing in Kansas City due to a pooping dog.


Someone Posted A Photo Of A Model Airplane Impaling A Vagina To The US Airways Twitter Account

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"We're sorry we posted a pic of that girl with a model airplane in her vagina on Twitter" is the new black.


Come Fly The Sort Of Friendly Skies

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For the past two weeks, former JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater has become a household name since he refused to put up with a passenger’s obnoxious behavior, grabbed a few cold beers from the galley, and departed his scheduled flight via the emergency exit of his plane.


3.13 The Cooler

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