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The 'I'll Cut Yo D*ck Off' Video Is Part Of The Indie Film 'Hellaware'


Sometimes even the best things are just too good to be true.

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Meet The Guy Who Got A Beefy Crunch Burrito Tattoo To Prove His Love To Taco Bell


A man named Justin swore to Taco Bell that he'd get a tattoo of the Beefy Crunch Burrito to show how much he loves it, so they made a video about him.


Tom Hardy Meets Little Bane, Dog Thinks He’s People, And Afternoon Links

Today's afternoon links, featuring Tom Hardy meeting a little kid dressed as Bane, as well as a German Shepherd eating like a sir.

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Mysterious package addressed to Indiana Jones arrives at U of Chicago


A package arrived at the University of Chicago admissions department yesterday addressed to Indiana Jones, and as of now, no one knows why.

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Theater accidentally shows Paranormal Activity instead of Madagascar… *ALLEGEDLY*


This story was all over the Yahoo homepage late yesterday, and it goes that a theater in Nottingham, UK sent children and parents running for the exits when they accidentally showed them Paranormal Activity 4 instead of Madagascar 3, like they paid for.

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All Hail The King: Old Spice Muscle Music With Terry Crews Is The Flame Sax Of Viral Videos

Back in the heady viral days of 2010 Old Spice ruled the land thanks to the randomly confident hilarity that was Isiah Mustafah/Old Spice Guy and Tim & Eric + Terry Crews. I remember it like it was just a few short years ago.


Derrick Comedy's DC Pierson Responded To A High School Kid On Yahoo Answers Who Didn't Want To Read His Book

Previously when I thought of Derrick Comedy I thought, "Donald Glover and those two other guys." Going forward I will think, "Donald Glover, the guy who writes books and has an active Yahoo Answers account, and the other guy."

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The Best Nightclub-Promising-To-Be-Every-Other-Nightclub Ad You'll See Today

So, you're a new nightclub in Galway, Ireland and you want to separate yourself from the (presumably) endless number of nightclubs in the Galway area. How do make your message different? Simple. You send the same message as your competition but you do so ironically, utilizing the same technique hipsters have been using to seem creative for almost a decade now. Brilliant!


The 'Dark Knight Rises' Billboard…Rises?

We're officially in The Dark Knight Rises countdown mode on the internet, boys and girls (pre-purchase your tickets on Craigslist for mere hundreds of dollars.


TNT Places Big Red 'Add Drama' Button In Belgian Square, Genius Viral Marketing Ensues

I haven't had the chance to visit Belgium yet, but thanks to Colin Farrell effectively convincing me so in In Bruges every time I think of Belgium I associate it with being boring as hell.

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Tenacious D Kills Val Kilmer, Gets Back Together


I'm as apathetic towards Tenacious D as a person can be.


Dollar Shave Club, Please, Just Take My Money


The way overpriced and over-marketed shaving industry has been begging to receive a good Netflix-ing for years, and now Dollar Shave Club is here with a brilliant business model and an even more brilliant viral video to get the word out.


Channing Tatum Wants Fans To Pick His Movies


I’ve regularly joked that Channing Tatum is the hardest workin’, twerkin’, lay it down, flip it and reversin’ it man in $how BiZZZnassssty, but it’s hard to deny that the guy has busted his ass to rise up from the ashes of Virginia Slims on the floor of The Sausage Factory to certified B-list status.

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That’s Levitation, Holmes!

The video below appears to be an awesome slot car track with cars running by quantum levitation.

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Was Jonathan's Card A Secret Starbucks Viral Marketing Campaign?

On Tuesday we told you about Jonathan's Card, a neat-sounding, pay it forward-esque project created by app developer Jonathan Stark.


The Riddler Gets His Own “Batman: Arkham City” Trailer


The newest trailer for Batman: Arkham City (for sale October 18th) shows the return of the Riddler.

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First picture of Tom Hardy as Bane in Dark Knight Rises


The conclusion of a viral marketing contest eventually led fans to the above picture of Tom Hardy as Bane in Chris Nolan's upcoming The Dark Knight Rises, which started principal photography on Monday.

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