The 'I'll Cut Yo D*ck Off' Video Is Part Of The Indie Film 'Hellaware'

06.20.13 5 years ago 6 Comments

Young Torture Killaz

Sometimes even the best things are just too good to be true. Back when Vince posted the video for the Young Torture Killaz “I’ll Cut Yo D*ck Off” for Frotcast 156, commenter Louis Winthorpe III gave us the heads up that this was possibly fake and part of a movie, and now Deadline has confirmed that my pick for the Song of the Summer is indeed as fake as the weenies that they were pretending to chop up in the video.

But the Young Torture Killaz aren’t just another Insane Clown Posse knockoff looking for internet fame; they’re the fictional band in the indie flick Hellaware, debuting this weekend at NYC’s BAMcinemaFest.

I can feel my heart tearing to pieces inside of my chest. So who are the scoundrels responsible for such trickery?

Hellaware, written and directed by Michael M. Bilandic, follows a photographer (Keith Poulson) looking to break through in NYC’s art scene who stumbles across a band of goth rapper Delaware teens on YouTube and persuades them to let him tag along in their world. Naturally, things spiral out of control. The members of Young Torture Killaz are really actors Brent Butler, Zohren Weiss and Clarke Bliss, performing a song written by writer-director Bilandic. Indie fixtures Sophia Takal and Kate Lyn Sheil also star in the pic, which screens Saturday at the film fest hosted by the Brooklyn Academy Of Music.

What’s even more interesting is that some site – I’m thinking 4chan, but I’m not positive about that – decided to create a story that these guys suffered a fate as gruesome as their fake song. In the comments on the original video’s YouTube page, people claim that Dr. Consequence and Co. were “massacred” and actually had their dicks chopped off before their throats were slit. Haha, Internet, you and your crazy stories!

Anyway, here’s the trailer for Hellaware.

And take us home one last time, Dr. Consequence…

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