These Guys Forged Their Own Retractable ‘Predator’ Blades

These guys created their own 'Predator' style hand blades. Then they tested them to grand effect.


The TSA’s 2014 List Of Confiscated Items Includes A Real Cannon And 3 Lbs Of Cocaine Stuffed Raw Meat


A real cannon, drug stuffed raw meat, tons of guns, and an enchilada filled with a knife lead this year's confiscations.

j rg sprave

What If Your Revolver Was Like, A Revolving Quadruple Revolver?


German inventer Jörg Sprave makes playing with guns look hella rad.

#video games

Recreating Link’s Master Sword (Legend of Zelda)

Hollywood propmaster Tony Swatton power hammers some molten bronze to recreate Link's Master Sword.


How to Recreate Wolverine’s Claws

Hollywood propmaster Tony Swatton shows how to make your own deadly Wolverine claws.


Forging Gimli’s Bearded Axe

Hollywood propmaster Tony Swatton shows how to recreate Gimli's bearded axe from The Lord of the Rings.


Crafting Captain America's Shield

Hollywood blacksmith/propmaster Tony Swatton shows how to recreate Captain America's shield.


PVC Water Bazooka Fail

A kid tries to fire his homemade water bazooka.


The Condom Applicator Slingshot Gun

Bill Gates wants to give money to projects that improve condoms and the condom application process.


Forging He-Man’s Power Sword

Hollywood blacksmith/propmaster Tony Swatton shows how to recreate The Power Sword used by He-Man.


Forging Batman's Batarangs

Hollywood blacksmith/propmaster Tony Swatton shows how to recreate the batarangs used by Batman in The Dark Knight.


Homemade Taser Sword

This seems extremely safe.


The U.S. Military Is Officially Installing Laser Weapons Into Fighter Jets


DARPA is building a laser weapon. OK, so that's not a surprise, but what is a surprise is that it could be in the air by the end of the year.


Old Man Defends House With Bow and Arrow

A 75-year-old Sacramento man fends off teenage intruders with a homemade, decades-old bow and arrow.


Supercut: Cinematic Knife Fights

This tribute to cinematic knife fights features classic blade duels from 17 different films.


Blunderbuss Slingshot

Joerg Sprave from The Slingshot Channel's latest creation is a blunderbuss slingshot.


Wanna Mess With A Shotgun Full O’ TASERs?

Desperately want to tase someone until they lose control of their bowels, but too lazy to get within a couple feet of them.

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