The Only Album From Ben Stiller’s Teenage Punk Band Is Being Reissued

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When he was 13 years old, Ben Stiller was the drummer in a no-wave band.

NCAA Tournament

The Gin Blossoms Are The Most ’90s Band Of All Time

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From 64 groups down to one, we have finally established what The Most '90s Band of All Time is.

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar Is Never Releasing The ‘Untitled’ Song He Performed On ‘The Colbert Report’

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The untitled song Kendrick Lamar performed on the Colbert Report won't be released according to Terrace Martin

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Dave Grohl Is Helping A Foo Fighters Fan With Terminal Cancer Complete His Bucket List


Good guy Dave Grohl is helping a Foo Fighters fan with terminal cancer complete his bucket list.

willie nelson

Willie Nelson Is Planning To Open A Chain Of Marijuana Dispensaries Across The U.S.


His own unique strain is called "Willie's Reserve" and it will be available for purchase in 2016.

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Limp Bizkit Frontman Fred Durst Wants Everyone To Know That He’s Not Robert Durst

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Fred Durst wants to make sure that you and everybody else out there know that he's not Robert Durst from 'The Jinx.'


Country Singer Sara Evans Can’t Believe Fox Made Her Children Watch ‘The Last Man On Earth’

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The singer shared her rage on Facebook after she watched the 'disgusting' new comedy with her teenage children.


This Black And White ‘Teletubbies’ Footage Is Absolutely Horrifying, And You’ll Never Sleep Again

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The video's creator added Joy Division's 'Atmosphere' for extra special nightmare fuel.


The A$AP Rocky Movie ‘Dope’ Now Has An Official Trailer And More Importantly, Zoe Kravitz

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Watch the trailer for the Sundance Film Festival hit "Dope" starring A$AP Rocky, Zoe Kravitz and more

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Finally, Hodor And Groot Throw Down In A Rap Battle

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Groot and Hodor go head to head in a rap battle for the ages.

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Watch Run The Jewels’ New Video For ‘Close Your Eyes’ With Zack De La Rocha

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Run The Jewels unveil the video for their track "Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)" featuring Zack De La Rocha.

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Riff Raff Wants Zayn Malik’s Vacated Spot In One Direction

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Riff Raff has a little fun at the expense of One Direction fans.


Ad-Rock Says The Beastie Boys Are Done, But Unreleased Music And A Book Are On The Way

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Adam "Ad-Rock" Horowitz says the Beastie Boys are officially done in new interview with 'GQ.'


Rihanna Teases Her New Song, ‘B*tch Better Have My Money’

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Rihanna may be releasing a new song on Thursday.

NCAA Tournament

The Most ’90s Band Tournament TITLE MATCH: Gin Blossoms Vs. Spice Girls!

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After today, we will know once and for all what group encapsulated the decade better than all others.

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This Guy Tricked CBS Into Thinking He’s A Devastated One Direction Fan

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CBS might wanna think twice before choosing any ol' teen to put in their One Direction montage.