Adam Scott’s Inability To Make A Pizza Extends A ‘Parks And Rec’ Running Joke Into Calzone-Filled Reality

06.24.17 7 months ago

Parks and Recreation is so beloved that no matter how big the stars get, part of them will always be stuck in Pawnee, Indiana. Chris Pratt may be a megastar fighting dinosaurs and blasting through space, but he’ll always be the goofy Andy Dwyer. And Adam Scott, despite being in a billion different projects at any given time, will always bear the shame of Ben Wyatt’s ultimate failure, Ice Town. He’ll also continue to bask in the love that is a finely made calzone.

In one of those weird cases of life imitating art, Adam Scott’s recent Italian pizza-making class became an impromptu lesson in how to save a ruined pie: simply turn it into a calzone! Here are the pictures that commemorate the moment. Scott looks like a proud father who watches as his newborn gets molded into proper form.

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