Trump Theatrically Dropped Binders On The Floor To End His Forgettable Infrastructure Week

06.09.17 8 months ago 10 Comments

On Friday, President Trump declared himself to be utterly vindicated by James Comey’s bombshell testimony and moved to finish Infrastructure Week with a flourish. This was the theme week that the White House hoped would distract from the scandals that plague this administration, but a Comey-shaped wrecking ball smashed that plan into smithereens. Nonetheless, Trump spoke at the Department of Transportation with a special visual aid — binders (!) — to illustrate the “painfully slow” process that American builders must wade though. And he dropped those binders on the floor, to make a point?

*Thud* The audience laughed along.

Trump claimed that these huge binders were actually full of “nonsense” plans for a road-repair project, and he moved for a less cumbersome and (possibly) cheaper solution: “These binders on the stage could be replaced by just a few simple pages, and it would be just as good.” Now, this administration is very fond of using massive stacks of paper to argue a point, but remember the last time a politician used binders during an argument? Those jokes will follow Mitt Romney until the end of time.

The positive here for Trump is that he’ll soon do something even more bizarre to make everyone forget about these binders. In the meantime, people are making exactly the type of jokes you’d expect.

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