A Trump Fan’s Photo-Op While Cleaning His Hollywood Star Inspired Some To Do The Same For Other Stars

07.04.17 7 months ago 10 Comments

It doesn’t take much to send the internet into a meme-creating frenzy. Toss President Trump in the mix and most people can’t help making comments and taking part in one direction or the other to either support or denounce the president. That’s where Twitter user @Makenna_MG’s decision to kneel down and clean off Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame enters into internet history — or infamy depending on how you look at it.

Now her decision on its own is admirable and definitely the least annoying thing you could run into on Hollywood Boulevard. If you’re not hassled by someone in a tattered Spider-Man costume, you clearly didn’t leave your car. Also it seems that it’s about time that somebody stuck up for Trump’s defenseless star from the looks at the photo from before it was cleaned. When someone isn’t completely removing the star from the ground to destroy it, they’re marking it up and covering it in junk as some sort of protest against the president.

Anyway, Makenna’s act made its way to social media and not long after people took notice, several decided to hit the sidewalk themselves in order to recreate her act for someone they would call “MY president.” From there, a slight meme was born and folks made the most of it:

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