Some Fool Vandalized Donald Trump’s Walk Of Fame Star With The Wrong Swastika

Film/TV Editor
01.31.16 13 Comments

While Donald Trump rallies in the Midwest ahead of Monday’s Iowa caucus, some jokester in Hollywood is making his feelings known about the leading GOP candidate. Yes, someone painted a swastika atop the Trump star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They didn’t do it correctly, mind you. The swastika is backwards, but the message is clear. Trump probably won’t be bothered by this defacing. He wasn’t ruffled by his starring role in an Al Qaeda recruitment video (because he said his anti-Muslim rhetoric was “not wrong”). Nor was Trump upset by outright Hitler comparisons, which are still ongoing at any given Trump-Palin rally. Trump simply doesn’t care.

In all likelihood, Trump will never notice this defacement because it’s already gone. The photo made the rounds on Friday, and Saturday saw a swift cleanup. Still, we’ve explored much graffiti art inspired by Trump, and this Walk of Fame job stands as a high-profile example. For one thing, defacing a Hollywood star is a big deal and a rarity. It usually only happens to Bill Cosby-level offenders. The Wrap quotes actor Austin Franklin (who guards Hollywood Boulevard while wearing a Batman outfit) as saying, “I’ve never seen this kind of hate put on a star before, not even Bill Cosby.” Hmm.

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