Culture Quickbites Celebrates 2023’s Most Unforgettable Pop Culture Moments

How do you measure a year? If you’re pop culture fans like we are, it’s by looking back on the wildest, most inspiring, and totally unforgettable stories that happened in the world of TV, film, music, and beyond.

That’s what the latest episode of Culture Quickbites is ready to do, recruiting host Drew Dorsey to run through the list of moments that crowded our timelines and took up too much space in our group chats. We’re talking about the live music takeover with pop icons like Beyonce and Taylor Swift dominating on stage and helped to save the box office. Speaking of saving, some of TV’s most beloved shows just couldn’t be this year, and while finales are always sad, prestige dramas like Barry and Succession went out on a high. What’s next for the streaming small screen? We’re dying to find out.

And while most of the episode’s highlights center around all the ways we entertained ourselves during this strange year, Culture Quickbites couldn’t reflect on 2023’s biggest moments without reminding everyone that this was the year we finally learned we’re not alone. (E.T., we’ve got your number.)

Check out the full episode above for our full 2023 pop culture celebration.