A Virginia Court Is Forcing A Man To Get A Vasectomy As Part Of His Plea Deal

A man in Northern Virginia has pushed his luck too far with the law and the law is fighting back in an unusual way. 27-year-old Jesse Lee Herald pled guilty to charges including “child endangerment, hit and run driving and driving on a suspended license” as part of a plea deal.

Also part of that deal is the unusual catch that Herald has to have a vasectomy in order to maintain his probation. From NVDaily:

White said her motivation in offering the vasectomy option to Herald stemmed from concerns raised at sentencing hearings in earlier cases about how many children have been traced to him from different women.

“It was primarily due to the fact he had seven or eight children, all by different women, and we felt it might be in the commonwealth’s interest for that to be part of the plea agreement,” White said of the vasectomy provision.

Herald’s previous convictions in Shenandoah County Circuit Court include hit and run driving, unlawful wounding, possession of illegal drugs and obtaining money by false pretenses.

I guess you can’t really blame the court for coming to the decision. It’s just odd that they would force it upon the guy, a sentiment his lawyers echoed after the sentence was handed down:

Assistant commonwealth’s attorney Ilona L. White offered the agreement on June 4, the day of a scheduled plea hearing, and Herald accepted. White and Charles Ramsey, Herald’s attorney, agreed that the vasectomy provision is something rarely seen as part of a sentencing.

“Absolutely, it’s unusual,” Ramsey said in an interview Thursday. “I’ve never been part of one like that before.”

The agreement calls for Herald to undergo the vasectomy within a year of his release from prison. The agreement also requires that Herald not reverse the vasectomy while he is on probation. (via)

If I learned anything from all my years watching Seinfeld reruns, it’s that vasectomies can be reversed and they don’t always take. In fact you can become more potent than ever. They better keep a watchful eye on this guy or else we might be dealing with super criminals within the next ten years.

(Via NVDaily)