Sarah Silverman To ‘Bernie Or Bust’ Protesters: ‘You’re Being Ridiculous’

Sarah Silverman and Minnesota Senator Al Franken took the stage at the Democratic National Convention’s opening night Monday in an attempt to unite a divided party (and to introduce folk rock legend Paul Simon). After brief comments from Hillary Clinton supporter Franken, Silverman told the crowd that although she’d spent the primary “feeling the Bern,” she’d “put some ointment on it,” and is now firmly #WithHer. Silverman was one of Sanders’ most outspoken celebrity supporters.

The comedienne said she was excited to see democracy at work and encouraged that Hillary Clinton has adopted so many of the Vermont Senator’s platforms. “Hillary is our Democratic nominee and I will proudly vote for her,” Silverman said. “I will vote for Hillary with gusto.”

After her impassioned speech, Silverman went for the dropped-mic: “Can I just say, to the ‘Bernie or Bust’ people, you’re being ridiculous!” she said. The crowd erupted in protest, but Silverman couldn’t walk off the stage. Instead, the stage manager made her and Franken stretch for time as Paul Simon got ready to perform. The comedians could barely get a world in as the crowd started relentlessly chanting “Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!” Finally, Franken worked in a really bad “Bridge Over Troubled Water” joke. Watch all the awkwardness above!