Al Gore May Be Considering A Run For President

Al Gore Campaigns For Florida Senate Candidate Kendrick Meek
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If you thought the presidential election has already gotten heated, there’s one more thing you should know: former Vice President Al Gore may be considering a presidential bid.

According to Buzzfeed News, nothing has yet been confirmed, but a source close to Gore revealed that his supporters are having serious conversations with the potential candidate about his run.

From BuzzFeed News:

Gore, 67, won the popular vote in the 2000 election and has been mentioned as a possible candidate in every contested Democratic primary since then. He instead spent much of the 2000s focused on environmental campaigning and business ventures. He has largely slipped out of public view in more recent years.

But in recent days, “they’re getting the old gang together,” a senior Democrat told BuzzFeed News.

Gore’s supporters are currently discussing whether a presidential bid is a good plan, financially and politically, but are warning hopeful voters that nothing is solid yet and that Gore hasn’t even begun to make a decision about whether he would be running. According to BuzzFeed, some members of Gore’s inner circle are saying that a run is unlikely, but another close source said that some “lukewarm water” should be “poured on the chatter.” (Not cold water, though. Does that mean there’s a chance?)

(Via BuzzFeed News)