Alice Glass Speaks Out Against Former Crystal Castles Bandmate Ethan Kath In A New Interview

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Last October, former Crystal Castles singer Alice Glass publicly named her ex-bandmate Ethan Kath as her longtime abuser. The accusation has spurned into a defamation lawsuit, with Kath suing Glass for claiming that he raped her while they were both members of Crystal Castles. In January, Glass filed a motion in January to have Kath’s suit dismissed, and in a new interview with The Daily Beast, she speaks out against the lawsuit.

In her original harrowing statement, Glass expanded on her relationship with Kath, explaining how Kath began taking advantage of her since she was 15. Up until 2008, the legal age of consent in Canada was 14. The country’s current age of consent is 16.

“He tracked me down and showed up places I was hanging out and we eventually reconnected. I was very young and naive and in a compromised position in my life,” she wrote. “I perceived him as a local rock star because I had seen his band, Kill Cheerleader, on TV.”

In her Daily Beast Interview, Glass spoke candidly about how no one questioned Kath’s abuse as it was happening, leading her to feel like she could not question it either.

“I didn’t have anyone to talk about this stuff with,” Glass recalled. “I had a crew of people that he approved to be there. He’s not going to let anyone go on the road with us that hadn’t been approved by him and they had to be fine with turning a blind eye to the way he’d treat me. Or if they stood up for me or showed any concern he would target them in some weird way. I never really understood what was going on but any crew member who wasn’t under his thumb wouldn’t stick around for very long. So I pretty much felt like no one cared about the things he was doing to me. It normalized it for me.”

Glass spoke confidently against Kath’s defamation case: “Everything I said was true. You shouldn’t be able to waste everyone’s time and money to have a lawsuit that I’m going to win.”

Since Glass’ allegations, multiple women have also stepped forward and accused Kath of similar abuse and misconduct. There is currently an open Sex Crimes unit investigation from the Toronto police against Kath.

(Via The Daily Beast)