A Fast-Moving Wildfire In Anaheim Hills Threatens 1,000 Homes And Sends Ashes Raining Over Disneyland

A growing number of wildfires in Northern California continue to rage while spreading and damaging structures in Napa, Sonoma, and Yuba counties. The emerging photos from these blazes are terrifying to witness, and a new threat has emerged in Anaheim Hills, where a fast-spreading brush fire has burned 1,000 acres so far and threatens to level at least 1,000 homes.

Mandatory evacuations are taking place in the community that sits on the eastern edge of Anaheim. Smoke from the fire is visible at Disneyland as shown in this photo, which has been posted to Instagram by Nate Griffey, who wrote that ashes are falling from the sky over the park.

The fire has claimed its first homes within Anaheim Hills. This KTLA video shows structures burning as firefighters attempt to stop the inferno.

The LA Times is following developments on this blaze, known as Canyon Fire #2, which has been burning since late morning, Pacific Time. The fire managed to jump a toll road on its way to Anaheim Hills, and officials have ordered all nearby communities (including the entire city of Anaheim) to be prepared for further evacuation orders.

Social media photos show smoke engulfing the sky and an evacuation map.

(Via KTLA & LA TImes)

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