A Veterans Group Leaves A Powerful Message To Donald Trump Where They Know He’ll Find It

When it comes to reaching Donald Trump, one can always find him on Twitter, but there’s too much clutter to stand out from the crowd. However, both President Obama and Kellyanne Conway have hinted that appearing on television can often capture his attention, so a progressive veterans’ group called VoteVets has taken the same tactic. They’re catering to Trump’s morning cable news addiction by placing this ad on MSNBC’s Morning Joe as well as other daybreak shows. And boy, is it a gut punch and a half.

“President Trump, I hear you watch the morning shows,” a weight-lifting Afghanistan veteran begins. “Here’s what I do every morning.” As the camera slowly pans down to reveal one missing leg, sh*t starts to get real:

“Look, you lost the popular vote … you’re having trouble drawing a crowd … and your approval rating keeps sinking … but kicking thousands of my fellow veterans off their health insurance by killing the Affordable Care Act and banning Muslims won’t help. That’s not the America I sacrificed for. You want to be a legitimate President, sir? Then act like one.”

Not only does the vet land blows on both an emotional and take-no-nonsense basis, but he also zeroes in on two issues — the GOP Obamacare repeal and the Trump immigration ban — that are affecting millions of people. The president won’t be able to avoid this commercial while he enjoys his early morning ritual, and it will take a great deal of self control for him to avoid firing off an angry tweetstorm in response. (This would not be a good idea.)

(Via VoteVets)