Antonio Sabato Jr. Compares Being Blacklisted For His Trump Support To Enduring The Holocaust

Shortly before the 2016 presidential election, former General Hospital cast member Antonio Sabato Jr. began to complain that he’d been blacklisted in Hollywood for supporting Donald Trump. The revelation came shortly after Sabato Jr. spoke at the Republican National Convention, where he also told reporters that he was “absolutely” sure that President Obama was a Muslim on “the bad side.” Sabato Jr. introduced a new talking point on The View, comparing his alleged exile from acting to the Holocaust.

Sabato Jr. is currently running for Congress to represent part of Los Angeles in California’s 26th district, and he told The View‘s panelists that he’s an Italian Jew, and he believes that he’s being discriminated against:

“My mother escaped the Russians, and my grandmother escaped the Holocaust and Auschwitz and my family died there. So we understand how that works and I got it. When I got back to Los Angeles, I was like, ‘it’s happening to me.'”

The interview continued, and Sabato further doubled down by asserting that President Obama is a Muslim:

“It was never an insult … if he’s not a Muslim, we should call him President Barry … He changed his name to ‘Obama’ because he followed the Islam religion when he was growing up, so I felt that once you’re in that religion, you stay for the rest of your life.”

The panelists argued that Obama actually isn’t Muslim, to which Sabato finally conceded, “Okay, he’s not.” Sabato Jr. is set to star in One Nation Under God with fellow conservative actor Kevin Sorbo at some point in 2018. Watch his full appearance on The View below.

(Via Mediaite)