Governments Fear The Apple Watch May Be Targeted By Russian Hackers

The Apple Watch has experienced a few setbacks during its time on the market. Its own customers are unaware of its features, and even Steve Wozniak, Apple’s biggest booster, has called the company out over how it’s been executed. But now Apple’s got a bigger problem on its hands: Russian hackers might be breaching the watch’s security to spy on government officials.

The Telegraph is reporting that, just like smartphones have been banned from UK cabinet meetings, the Apple Watch and other smartwatches have been given the heave-ho. The concern is that Russian hackers might spy on meetings using the Apple Watch’s microphone. (Although a Cabinet minister checking his email on the watch and accidentally serenading his colleagues with Beyoncé a few months back may also be a factor.) The UK government hasn’t reported any sort of vulnerability issue, but is taking a better safe than sorry approach.

As goofy as it might sound, there’s genuine reason for concern. In recent months, Russia has been repeatedly accused of attempting to touch off a state-sponsored Cold War online, whether they’re breaching the DNC’s email servers in an attempt to find dirt, or leaking the confidential medical files of athletes as retribution for being banned from the Olympics. This may be in part due to the fact that hacking targets remotely has been much easier and less politically risky for Russia, though this may shift. It’s unlikely world governments will remain in a defensive posture if Russia keeps trying to breach their systems.

(via The Telegraph)