New Details Emerge In The Case Of Florida Face-Biting Accused Murderer: ‘Help Me, I Ate Something Bad’

Accused 19-year-old murderer Austin Harrouff was supposed to have an exclusive interview air on The Dr. Phil Show last week, but the talk show ended up postponing due to “new development in the case.” Whether or not that may be true (Martin County Sheriff William Snyder says that it is not) is another story, however new details are now emerging in the case and they are predictably grim.

It’s now been over two months since Harrouff was found chewing on the corpse of his alleged murder victim John Stevens, while Stevens’ wife Michelle Mishcon lay deceased nearby in the garage. Harrouff has not spoken to police since the night he was brought into custody and later taken to the hospital, however court documents now reveal the morbid exchange he had with police that night.

Snyder says Harrouff told deputies they would not find any drugs in his system. Records show he also yelled “[expletive] kill me, [expletive] kill me. Shoot me now, I deserve to die.”

Those deputies also saw him spit out what appeared to be human flesh, which was taken into evidence. They say he had human hair in his mouth.

Deputies heard him say, “Help me, I ate something bad.” A sergeant asked Harrouff what he ate. Harrouff allegedly responded “humans.”

As Snyder previous stated of any incriminating remarks Harrouff gave in his interview with Dr. Phil, anything that was said to police that night can and will be used in court once the case goes to trial. “What he said to the deputies the night of the two homicides is all he has said to us, on the record or off the record.”

(Via WPTV 5)