The Baton Rouge Shooter’s Online Persona May Shed Some Light On His Mindset

In the days following Alton Sterling’s death at the hands of Baton Rouge police officers, the nation has erupted in pockets of violence and has been overwhelmed with anti-brutality protests. These are trying times for the country, with police and citizens on edge. Violence boiled over once again as Gavin Long, a 29-year-old Louisiana native, open fired and killed three police officers.

Long, a former marine who was honorably discharged in 2010, had an online persona as Cosmo Setepenra, a self-made life coach of sorts who was disillusioned with the treatment of African Americans by police officers across the country. Through his Twitter and YouTube account, Long would make a patchwork manifesto, which would lead up to his shooting spree that left three officers dead and several more seriously injured.

“I love being the buffer between the bully and the victim. I love fighting the righteous fight… You have to make a lifestyle change, ‘oh something happened’ and then react. That’s the difference between reacting and responding … You’re responding with logic. Be consistent.

When the native Americans, when they were extincted [sic] by the same people that run this country, my question to you: at what point should they have stood up? That’s something for y’all to think about. I’ve already meditated upon it. At what point should the Native Americans, who are extinct, should’ve stood up?”