A Baton Rouge Police Shooting Witness Livestreamed Her Terror-Filled Reaction

Getty Image

On Sunday morning, multiple officers were shot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Of the seven officers, three of those struck in the ambush have died. At least one suspect, who was wearing a mask and dressed in black, has been killed by law enforcement, which believes more gunmen may be at large. The investigation continues while the nation copes with more violence after clashes between Baton Rouge police and protesters following Alton Sterling’s death.

Facebook user Charmaine Adams was present at a Baton Rouge Mobil gas station while this morning’s scene unfolded near her vehicle. She first noted how a masked man begin to open fire at the police, and events soon accelerated with sirens filling the air. Adams reacted with several “Oh my god”s and provided more narration as the video commences. She and her passengers took cover in Adams’ vehicle, and their terror is palpable within the chaotic footage. Seemingly endless gunfire rings out as the women continue to livestream. Adams can’t believe what she’s seeing, and neither can the world. You can see the video clip below.

The New York Times also collected breaking news footage — from various social media sources who were on the scene — in one lone video clip.