Ben Carson Abandons CNN In The Middle Of An Interview To Go Find His Luggage

Ben Carson has always been good for a dash of the ridiculous during this election, moving from being a potential challenger for Donald Trump’s lead in the Republican primary to recollecting the time he stabbed a guy to calling Hillary Clinton the devil while supporting Trump at the Republican National Convention. It’s been an odyssey for the retired neurosurgeon, so one can understand if he’s a little absentminded or scatterbrained by this point.

That solid fact is likely what gave us this gem from Detroit on Saturday. Following Donald Trump’s swaying visit with black voters, Carson took the candidate on a tour of his family home. That’s where CNN comes into play, speaking to Trump and then attempting to speak with Carson. The latter didn’t go well because CNN didn’t take Carson’s missing luggage into account:

“We just saw Mr. Trump here and I asked him how did it go and he said ‘Great.’ He said he learned a lot of things. What do you think he took away from today?”

“Oh my luggage. Um — hold on,”

It might be Carson’s most relatable moment of the campaign. We’ve all been there, we just haven’t been on live television when it happened. Not to mention, it’s likely the most animated we’ve seen the good doctor this entire election.

Carson would return soon after, hopefully with the knowledge that his luggage was safe and in his possession. You’d hate to think someone took it and was rummaging through it, like someone with coifed hair and tanned skin. You can check out that portion of the CNN segment below.

(Via CNN / Mediaite)

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