Ben Carson Thinks The Trump Kids Grew Up In A ‘Disadvantaged Environment’

Donald Trump is preparing to take the stage to accept the Republican nomination for president. In the last moments remaining before the big moment, he still has former opponents creating sound bites for him. Ben Carson stopped by Fox News to congratulate his former rival, but also at the same time put his foot in his mouth.

Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren asked the former neurosurgeon what American public should know about the nominee. Carson discussed how Trump cares about people and is light on his toes. He also revealed how Trump would be doing some outreach in areas of the country that Republicans wouldn’t normally visit, but those areas remain a mystery. When asked what he felt about the Trump children who have been overwhelmingly supporting him, Carson said they are a misunderstood quartet:

“All of the Trump children are absolutely delightful people. And I think that speaks volumes about the man. Anybody who can raise children, particularly in the environment they came up in, which I think is a disadvantaged environment. Because I know a lot of people who are very rich and their kids are so spoiled, and I think it’s a disadvantage. I really do.”

Carson has already made his mark during the RNC and he seems to have made another one. It doesn’t seem like children of a successful businessman are disadvantaged, but perhaps we don’t know the whole story.