Twitter Imagines How Donald Trump’s Campaign Would Go ‘If Trump Were Black’

Getty Image / Twitter

Donald Trump doesn’t have what you’d call a groundswell of support from black Americans. He’s polled at zero percent in Ohio and Pennsylvania among black voters, and was polled at two percent nationwide, lower than Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green party candidate Jill Stein. Maybe people remember how he refused to rent apartments to people of color. Maybe telling black people to vote for him because “it can’t get any worse” seemed just a tad bit insulting. Maybe all the white people holding “Blacks For Trump” signs at rallies made the state of things clear. Or the KKK endorsement.

Or maybe it’s just all the things Donald Trump has done, combined with the fact that he still secured the nomination, that has many people making a side eye and throwing some shade. On Twitter, people have been asking if any of his behavior would slide if Trump were black. The hashtag picked up steam on Thursday, but it started all the way back in April with this one:

We’ve collected some of the #IfTrumpWereBlack highlights below.

(Via #IfTrumpWereBlack)


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