Twitter Conjured Up Horrific Renditions Of Donald Trump Romance With #TrumpRomCom

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When it comes to cameos, Donald Trump is king (unless he doesn’t make the final cut). But what if an entire film was all about the Republican presidential nominee? Twitter has imagined numerous possibilities with viral hashtags in recent past, and since Trump’s race to the White House won’t end until November, there’s plenty more where that came from. Like #TrumpRomCom, with which supporters and trolls alike have been imagining what a romantic comedy featuring, or about, the Donald might look like. And just in case you’re wondering … Yes, they’re all horrifying.

Yet here we are, rifling through some of the best (and worst) contributions to National Lampoon’s weekly Hashtag Zoo. Why? Because there’s plenty to criticize Trump about, but the New York real estate mogul’s ridiculous relationship history stands out above the rest. Not so much because it’s important (because it isn’t, really), but due to Trump’s incessant need to criticize Hillary Clinton over her husband’s marital infidelities.

Hence why we’ve collected some of our favorite #TrumpRomCom gags. They’re all pretty good, and many are obvious enough to garner duplicates from similar mindsets, though Donald J. Drumpf’s twist on Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead (from Ivanka’s own Instagram) stands out above the rest:

Not the rest aren’t just as brilliant:

Not to mention terrifying as well.

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