These Presidential Election Bloopers Might Make You Nostalgic For Simpler Times

In the madcap election cycle of 2016, when we have a candidate who called his opponent a “nasty woman” and seemingly refuses to concede defeat if and when he should lose (and that’s just some of what happened during the third debate alone) yet around 40 percent of the popular is still voting for him, it kind of makes you wish for quainter, simpler times. Like when Howard Dean completely blew his shot at being the leader of the free world because he made a funny yell.

That’s the subject of this blooper reel from News Be Funny, which looks back on moments from election cycles past and other assorted presidential foibles to make us remember how good we had it. Because what would constitute a blooper during this election? Donald Trump talking about grabbing women by their privates? That’s not funny, it’s just sad.

So sit back and remember that time that Dan Quayle incorrectly corrected a child’s spelling of the word “potato,” or when somebody threw their shoes at poor George W. Bush, or the time George W. Bush called himself “the decider…” or any of the other silly things Bush did during his time in office. Because at the time, many of us thought that was absolute the worst this country could do!

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