Joe Biden: Trump Was ‘Born With A Silver Spoon In His Mouth That He’s Now Choking On’

At a campaign stop in Youngstown, Ohio on Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden didn’t hold anything back when discussing Donald Trump. Biden addressed the autoworkers in Mahoning Valley while pointing out their hard work and laid into Trump, who Biden says was “born with a silver spoon in his mouth.”

Biden said he felt at home with the audience, as it wasn’t too far from where he grew up in Pennsylvania. During the campaign stop, the vice president discussed how Democrats favored a federal bailout of the auto industry (even as opponents had argued how those workers got paid too much). Biden applauded their can-do spirit: “Look at what you did. You got back up. You’re now selling 17 million cars a year.” This was answered with applause.

But Biden’s most fiery parts of his speech were reserved for Trump’s claims that he has worker’s interests at heart. The vice president shouted and called Trump “uninformed” to what is going on in these working class areas. It’s not the first time Biden has called out Trump, but here, he saved his harshest for Trump’s upbringing, which he believes doesn’t qualify him to speak on the struggles of the working class:

“I’m so sick and tired of hearing people like Trump and the chamber of commerce talking about ‘we [auto workers] get paid too much, give me a break. This is a guy who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth that now he’s choking on because his foot’s in his mouth—with the spoon.”

A blustery Joe Biden speech is nothing new, but the VP seemed especially riled up Thursday, perhaps due to his own passion for the blue collar worker. The Columbia Dispatch reported the vice president has campaigned in the region a number of times in 2008 and 2012. You can watch the full speech below.

(Via Politico & The Columbus Dispatch)

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