Watch The ‘Big Brother’ Cast’s Horrified Reaction To The Results Of The Presidential Election

Do you remember where you were the moment you found out Donald Trump was elected? I have a feeling people are going to be asking that question for years to come, in the same sort of way we talk about where we were when any enormous, life-changing, and traumatic (for at least 47.7 percent of the country, anyway) event rocks the world. For the six people in the above clip, that answer will be while in isolation at the Big Brother house, on the current season of CBS’s Big Brother: Over the Top.

The remaining contestants — who were probably the last people in the country, if not the world, to find out the election results — were brought together during Thursday night’s episode by host Julie Chen, who informed them that Trump had indeed won the election. The shock in the room was palpable, as you can see the horror and revulsion wash over the six contestants, who presumably all voted for Clinton with their absentee ballets.

One female contestant immediately accuses Chen of joking, while another gasps, “Gay people, where were you? Minorities, where were you?” The same contestant later cracked, “We got problems. Can we just stay in here for the next four years?” Right there with you, Big Brother contestants. If only we could all go stay in a nice house somewhere and eat pizza for the next four years.